Our History

TT Electronics Integrated Manufacturing Services (IMS) is a division of TT Electronics. Established in 2006, TT Electronics IMS specializes in low volume, high mix electronics contract manufacturing for global aerospace and defense, industrial, medical device and rail industries.

Tyzack Turner Group plc, a company listed on the London Stock Market, was renamed TT Group plc in 1988. From 1988 to 1989 the company made a number of acquisitions before entering the electronics industry with the takeover of Crystalate Holdings plc in 1990.

TT Group plc transitioned to become a global manufacturer of specialist and niche products with further acquisitions during the 1990s. During this time the electronics activities were expanded with the acquisitions of the Magnetic Materials Group, AB Electronic Products Group and BI Technologies. Further expansion was made with the purchase of Dale Electric International and the AEI Group, the Wire and Cables Division of GEC.

In 2000 the company changed its name to TT Electronics plc to more closely reflect the structure of the Group and the future direction. The Group's major electronic activities became automotive sensors and systems, electronic components and electronic manufacturing services (ems). New acquisitions since the change of the name to TT Electronics plc have been focused on electronics.

The purchase of Dage, an EMS business based primarily in China, in 2005 gave a platform for expansion in the region and created further low cost manufacturing capability for the EMS division. This was followed by the purchase of Apsco in 2006, completing the creation of a global footprint for our EMS activities. Both Dage and Apsco have subsequently been renamed. Operations are now based in the UK, USA, China and Romania and form what is now our Integrated Manufacturing Services division.

During 2007 TT Electronics purchased the rights to DAPS (digital angular position sensor).

In 2008 the purchase of New Chapel Electronics, a UK based company which designs and manufactures specialist interconnection systems for the aerospace and defence markets, provided an opportunity to complement TT Electronics' successful and growing interconnection systems business.

The Group consists of the Sensing & Control, Integrated Manufacturing Services and Components divisions, each of which is focused on providing innovative solutions to leading manufacturers in markets including defense and aerospace, medical, transportation and industrial.